About The PSN Store – Codes

It seems that the PSN store is becoming more and more advanced every time I go into it. Now you can watch movies, download games, and even get your favorite TV show right to your console. It seems though that whenever it comes time, I never want to put in my credit card information. While yes, it may be safe, I never want to risk my identity being stolen as the playstation network store was actually hacked back in 2009. Therefore I usually go to the store and purchase codes. You can get these PSN cards pretty much anywhere. I got mine at Walmart. It’s generally the safest way to purchase things on the psn store. Though what if you don’t have money or just flat out don’t want to pay for a PSN store code? I came across a site, Free PSN Code, that posts codes daily on their site. While most of the other sites on the internet are just trying to steal your account information, this site never asks for any sensitive information. I pretty much just go back to that site every time I need a free psn store code and it’s really easy to get a free psn code.