January 2016 Free PSN Codes

You asked and we listened! Here are our working psn codes for january 2016 (updated daily)!!!

1/4 Free PSN Codes
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1/3 Free PSN Codes
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1/2 Free PSN Codes
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1/1 Free PSN Codes
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December 2015 Free PSN Codes!!!

We are back in action with PSN Store Codes. We have spent a lot of time as a private site, only allowing PAID members to have access to our codes for the past two years, but now we are opening back up to the public so everyone can have premium access to the Playstation Network store’s hidden discount codes. Right now we are continually working on coding this so that it’s undetectable, but as of right now it’s undetectable 99.9% of the time and we’ve only had 2 cases of over 340,000 uses where someone has been identified by Sony. In both cases they did not get their accounts banned, but simply a warning by email about the usage. If you’d like access to this, we will be posting the link below this thread when we get it to a place where we’re comfortable releasing the free psn code hack to you guys. This will probably come in the form of some type of generator where you input your username/email and what you’d like a discount on or how much money you want for free and then we’ll add it to your account through our backdoor access to their system. We’re really excited for you guys to have this. Also, please not that this psn code hack will not require a download, so you don’t need to worry about installing some scam software or anything that will give you a virus. This will all be online, no download!

August 2013 FREE PSN Codes

Starting August 1st we will start with fresh new psn codes for everyone! We apologize that some of you have been experiencing difficulty getting codes from this site. You can continue to try for the codes, or you can wait until August 1st and be guaranteed fresh playstation network store codes.

If you are viewing this after August 1st, 2013, you should check out the rest of the site for your free codes.

Stay tuned and have a great day!


Check out these free PSN codes updated daily! Did you run out of money on the psn store? No worries! We have a bunch of free PSN store codes below! Now you never have to pay for anything from the psn store again!

*Many people have asked why the codes are already used once they try them. Please note we have approximately 1,500 people each day competing for 5 codes so it is very hard to please everyone. Keep checking back daily, and rest assured we will be posting a larger quantity of codes soon. CLICK HERE FOR MORE FREE PSN CODES!

10/24 FREE PSN Codes:



10/23 FREE PSN Codes:
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10/22 FREE PSN Codes:
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10/21 FREE PSN Codes:
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10/20 FREE PSN Codes:
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We have received many emails regarding the state of this website. We understand that the codes no longer work. That is because they have all already been used and codes can only be used ONCE! We haven’t had any working psn codes in a while, but we are working on a solution to give you all free psn codes!

Please stay posted as we should be back up and running again in a couple of days.

Please note that while other sites simply scam others by having them send in codes and pretend to duplicate them or whatever other crap they try to pull… we understand that the only way to get you free psn codes is to find a reliable source. We are currently working on a deal with a source in which we could purchase the codes relatively inexpensively. Just a note: we attempt to make our money back on ad revenue. Right now we don’t have enough people coming to the site to make our money back, but our mission is to bring you free playstation network store codes. We are not concerned with making money.

Please share this site if you are going to attempt to get a code from it.

Thank you.

PSN Store Codes Generator

We have had many comments asking where to download a PSN store code generator. Good thing I was on when he posted. All PSN code generators are a scam! These are just programs with viruses to get your information. Please do not download any playstation network code generators. You may have seen a site advertising one, but most likely it was on YouTube right? Exactly. ANYONE can post a video and either disable the ratings so you are unable to see what people actually think, or they get fake ratings so it looks like its an actual generator. Just know that if you are looking for a PSN code generator, none are real. The only way to get free PSN store card is to go to our site, http://freepsncode.com and get the codes from there. We are the internet’s only source for free modern warfare 3 double xp! Hope you haven’t downloaded a code generator already and gotten a virus! Save your computer and your personal information and get your codes from Free PSN Code.com AKA http://freepsncode.com!

About The PSN Store – Codes

It seems that the PSN store is becoming more and more advanced every time I go into it. Now you can watch movies, download games, and even get your favorite TV show right to your console. It seems though that whenever it comes time, I never want to put in my credit card information. While yes, it may be safe, I never want to risk my identity being stolen as the playstation network store was actually hacked back in 2009. Therefore I usually go to the store and purchase codes. You can get these PSN cards pretty much anywhere. I got mine at Walmart. It’s generally the safest way to purchase things on the psn store. Though what if you don’t have money or just flat out don’t want to pay for a PSN store code? I came across a site, Free PSN Code, that posts codes daily on their site. While most of the other sites on the internet are just trying to steal your account information, this site never asks for any sensitive information. I pretty much just go back to that site every time I need a free psn store code and it’s really easy to get a free psn code.